Convertible table bench.

Convertible table bench.

Convertible Table Bench. It's a table and a bench.

This convertible table can be used in two positions, as a table and as a bench. Curly maple, quilted maple, bubinga. Upholstery for the bench back is removable. 50" x 30" x 20"

Beside Table by William Hewitt

Bedside table with drawer

Curly maple, birdseye maple, pau amarolo, red paint, bubinga inlay. 20" w x 18" d x 22" h

Air George by William Hewitt

"Air George" table

  Black walnut, ebony butterflies.
  32"l x 22"w x 20"h

Turtle table

Black walnut, maccasar ebony, ebony and maple inlay. 24"l x 18"d x 20"h

California Bedside Table

California Bedside Table

Cherry, bird's eye maple, rosewood trim and handles. 26" h x 20" l x 19" d

California Bedside Table Detail

Detail of partner bedside table.

Same material as above made for the opposite side of the bed.

Curly ash coffee table by William Hewitt.

Curly ash Coffee Table

Ebony inlay, bent laminated white ash, black walnut detail. 42" l x 17 1/2" w x 18 1/2" h

Sofa Table by William Hewitt.

Sofa Table

Brown leather and stained quartered white oak.
36" l x 20" d x 20" h

Oval Display Table

Oval Display Table with mirror

Black walnut with ebony accents
20" h

Solid cherry dining table by William Hewitt Fine Furniture.

Solid Cherry dining table. It's got legs!

Curly maple and bubinga inlays
52" diameter 30" h .

Extension dining table.

Extension Dining Table

This lovely table seats six to ten people. Made of worm hole maple, curly maple, pearwood feet with hand-painted grape vines.

Extension Dining Table.

Extension Dining Table with Double pedestal

Stained quartersawn white oak with holly and ebony inlay. Seats up to 12
76-110" l x 48" w x 30" h

Bedside tables

Quilted cherry, cherry, bubinga, hand dovetailed and fitted drawer. 26" h x 20" w x 20" l

Deco Style Bedside Table

Curly maple, pai amerole, bubinga, hand dove-tailed and fitted drawers

Sofa End Table by William Hewitt.

Sofa End Table

Black walnut and pauamerolo
18" w x 24" h x 20" d